FREE Film Screening and Community Discussion

We are very excited to let you know that we were given permission to screen the film Resilience with our network! We invite you to join us and watch the film during the first weekend in June. 

On June 6th and 7th, we will make a temporary code public to watch the film. In addition to the film itself, Campaign Core Team members, Erin and Whitney, will pad the film with recorded grounding exercises that we encourage you to use before, after, and during the film as you feel you need. If you are interested in joining us for the screening or the discussion after, please sign up on our Eventbrite page!

We invite you to not just watch the film yourself, but also invite congressional staff and other people in your networks. Please feel free to share this message or just the Eventbrite link with others. Resilience is a great call to action for people to join the Campaign and support our efforts, and we want to ensure this opportunity does not go to waste. We encourage you to watch the film through the lens of how we can utilize the information in the film to support our efforts and Calls to Action for Congress. 

The week following the film, we will set up at least one time to discuss the film together and how we can use what we learned to continue advocating for trauma-informed and resilience-focused policies and programs. For those whose own congressional offices and/or network(s) join the call, you may want to consider having your own debriefing call as well to discuss how this can influence organizing efforts in your own communities. The National Campaign Core Team can support you with talking points and grounding exercises if this is of interest to you. Feel free to reach out to

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