The Campaign’s Statement on the Events of January 6th

January 6, 2021 was a sad and disturbing day for many reasons. We feel for the intense fear that was felt by our elected officials and their staff. The stress experienced by those we all work with in both chambers of Congress through this Campaign was traumatizing for many. It is notable that the day also saw what was, at the time, the record high number of deaths in a single day from COVID-19. We acknowledge the pain and trauma that blankets our country.

The events of that day are another manifestation of racism and anti-semitism in a country where too many families and communities experience racialized trauma every day layered with historical trauma that has been inflicted across many generations. The unjust differences between how those who besieged the nation’s Capitol in 2021 are being treated compared to those who peacefully demonstrated for the Black Live Matters movement in 2020 are starkly visible in the pictures and videos that many have compared side-by-side. This further compounds the pain.

The discrimination that runs rampant through our nation is sickening and must end. The historical and present-day trauma that has been inflicted regularly for so many people in America is unacceptable. The Campaign is committed to serving as a tool for ensuring that federal policies, programs, and financing serve to bring racial justice as our country works toward a trauma-informed and resilient future.

The December CTIPP CAN call was focused on the intersection between the anti-racism and trauma-informed movements, if you are looking for more information on the subject.

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