Campaign Updates: A Look at What’s Ahead in 2021

We hope you had a peaceful, safe entry into 2021!

The new formation of the executive and legislative branches of the government, paired with what is appearing in drafted bills and plans at this time, offer promise for myriad opportunities over the next two years to make major progress toward embedding trauma-informed approaches in federal policies, gearing up federal programs that build resilience, and growing the number of congressional champions who understand the science of trauma and resilience.

With a network that now reaches all 50 states, the Campaign is well-positioned to educate many Congresspeople about the impact of trauma and thus to build the membership of the House Trauma-Informed Care Caucus. Notably, there seems to be a growing understanding of the impact the events of 2020 have had on mental health, which may increase receptivity in Congress for working on achieving the goals of the trauma- and resilience-informed movement.

Additionally, the Campaign will continue to work with national organizational partners across various sectors and stakeholders from around the country to develop a comprehensive policy vision for the United States. With the continued advocacy of the Campaign’s robust, diverse, and dedicated nationwide network, legislation that advances a federal approach that manifests the ultimate goal of a resilient nation is within reach.

We do anticipate a fast pace in 2021, and we would encourage each person in our Campaign network to stand prepared to get in touch with congressional offices through the Campaign’s calls to action. We at the Campaign commit to continuing to provide support, share resources, and develop tools to help make your advocacy efforts easy and effective.

As year two of the Campaign begins, we remain heartened that so many community leaders have joined together across the country to advocate for a trauma-informed and resilient future. The progress of the Campaign would not be possible without the incredible work being done in communities and states across the country. We cannot thank you enough for your continued dedication and engagement!

With gratitude and excitement for all that is to come,

Your National Trauma Campaign

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