#TransformTrauma with ACEs Science Film Festival – March 2021 Event

The National Trauma Campaign has partnered with ACEs Connection and the Relentless School Nurse to host the Transform Trauma with ACEs Science Film Festival.

The next community discussion will center on the final two parts of PBS’s Whole People series, which is streaming free throughout the weekend of March 12th & 13th.

We also are excited to announce that Rev. Paul Abernathy from the Neighborhood Resilience Project will be with us for a follow-up community conversation on Tuesday, March 16th at 7 PM EST. Rev. Abernathy will share information and insights about the Trauma-Informed Community Development model. Please bring your questions and thoughts! We want to hear your voice!

To join in the discussion, pre-register here!

Read more about Whole People and Rev. Paul Abernathy, and to learn how the Film Festival works, please visit this post on ACEs Connection.

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