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Advocating for a trauma-informed nation has always been a passion of mine. As a young child my story began with so much trauma that many expected me to follow in the generational trauma I had endured. My father was a pedophile, while my mother, who was mentally unstable, was in many toxic relationships that led to a lot of psychological harm, physical abuse and neglect. Though I do not condone my mothers actions, being trauma informed has helped me to realize she was simply repeating a cycle she too had journeyed through as a child. Her father an alcoholic and her mother mentally- ill. I believe all people benefit from understanding what trauma looks like and how it effects themselves and others around them. Through my work as a Court Appointed Advocate, I see families daily who do not understand trauma nor do they know that it is occurring right under their roof. I believe if the knowledge I have gained has helped me to overcome scientific predictors for my life and future generations , this same knowledge can impact an entire nation to an entire world. Even if it’s one family at a time.

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