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A Moment of Reflection on Campaign Progress

With all that is transpiring in our world lately, it is easy to lose sight of the tremendous positive progress made in the movement to engender a more trauma-informed America. Even though the Campaign is new, because of the wonderful work you do as members of the National Trauma Campaign’s network, it is already making an impact!

Thank you to those who organized around and advocated for CARES Act funding to be used in your states to advance trauma-informed approaches. In the face of unprecedented circumstances, we are finding that legislators and stakeholders are more open than ever before to learning about trauma.

Case in point: Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf announced that the state will become trauma-informed and other states are making similar progress. Your education and advocacy efforts continue to help decision-makers understand the impact of trauma and what measures can be taken to foster individual and collective resilience, healing, and growth as our country continues to navigate myriad challenges.

The Senate version of the CARES Act is expected in early July and it is anticipated that Congress aims to have a final bill to the President’s desk no later than early August. To sustain the momentum toward trauma-informed systems change, your engagement as a constituent will be needed! The Campaign Core Team will review the bill, devise and share calls to action, and connect with you to inform your advocacy efforts and clarify where funding can be directed to trauma-informed approaches. We are hopeful that there will be legislative provisions that make resources available for education and juvenile justice systems to become trauma-informed, and that there will be similar opportunities in other sectors as well.

Campaign News

Statement on Racism and the Death of George Floyd

Trauma rooted in racism has been a consistent experience in the history of the United States. The killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia, and Breonna Taylor in Louisville remind us again that racism continuously inflicts deep pain and trauma among Black people, Indigenous people, and communities of color. Let us not forget, also, the lives of Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, Sandra Bland, Michael Brown, Alberta Spruill, Rekia Boyd, Tamir Rice, the congregants of the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, and many other Black, Indigenous, and Latinx people who have been victims of lethal violence by state-supported institutions rooted in racial oppression and white supremacy.

The Campaign for Trauma-Informed Policy & Practice/National Trauma Campaign mourns the loss of more Black lives and stands with those working to eradicate racism and trauma. 

The trauma of witnessing police brutality comes at the same time as the coronavirus pandemic is disproportionately impacting Black, Indigenous and other people of color laying bare longstanding injustices. As we continue to advocate for policies and practices that promote health and wellness, we must find ways to acknowledge the trauma that racism has and continues to cause and work to dismantle it.

We must move forward together, unified with a core mission to make life better for ourselves and those yet to be born. We will continue to listen to those impacted by racism and examine our own biases. 

We know that words alone cannot heal the pain that is felt right now across the country and that action is necessary to bring about the equitable and trauma-informed society that can support the flourishing of everyone. We are working to define our action steps and we stand in solidarity with all people who are working to bring about this change. 

With love and in solidarity,

The Campaign for Trauma-Informed Policy
and Practice/National Trauma Campaign

Campaign News

HEROES Act Passes!

During conversations concerning the House-passed HEROES Act in May 2020 and after, the Campaign advocated for a trauma-informed response to the pandemic. Thank you to the Campaign network for being so effective in your advocacy–we believe that you all have contributed meaningfully to several provisions referencing trauma and a trauma-informed approach being included!

We also appreciate your continued advocacy for CARES Act dollars to be spent in states to develop and/or bolster trauma-informed programs, with the greatest opportunity currently being in the education system due to the more than $3 billion allocated to states through the Governor’s Emergency Education Relief Fund.

As always, the Campaign Core Team remains available to support you in your advocacy efforts and welcomes you to send any questions or thoughts that may arise our way!

Campaign News

National Trauma Campaign featured on MARC’s Website

The National Trauma Campaign is honored to have been featured acknowledged as an impactful endeavor in the “Tools and Inspiration” section of Mobilizing Action for Resilient Communities’ (MARC) website!

Please head to MARC’s site and read “Power of Networks Tapped for National Trauma Campaign!”