Become a Local Liaison

Constituents engaging Congresspeople in conversations concerning the ways in which pressing issues impact local communities is one of the most effective ways to influence federal action.

Please note that completing the basic tasks for this volunteer position is estimated to take an average of just 1 hour or less per month. Local Liaisons are welcome and encouraged to do more in support of the Campaign and will be supported by the National Campaign Core Team to do so. However, additional activities are not required. Additionally, the National Campaign Core Team will be available to support the Local Liaison with any request. Local Liaisons will be recognized for their service on CTIPP’s national website.

The ideal candidate is a voting constituent within the congressional district that she/he/they is/are representing in the role of “Local Liaison to CTIPP’s National Trauma Campaign,” and is:

  • Committed to ensuring that her/his Member of Congress (Member) is informed about childhood trauma using Campaign talking points and tools;
  • Willing to serve as the Campaign’s point of contact for the assigned congressional office(s) to help the National Campaign answer the Member’s questions, connect the Member to resources and knowledge when requested, and, generally, support the office’s efforts to learn about and support federal trauma legislation, and local activities and leaders that are in her/his district;
  • Dedicated to fulfilling the “Calls to Action” issued by the National Campaign, such as reaching out to the Member’s office to ask her/his office to participate in an upcoming congressional briefing on a trauma-related topic;
  • Able to connect with and engage other, fellow constituents to the assigned congressional office, as needed;
  • Available to respond to periodic emails or phone calls from the national campaign organizers.