Campaign Update: Anticipated Activities for the Remainder of 2020

As negotiations for the next COVID package are stalled and the FY21 budget negotiations have been pushed until after the election, the National Trauma Campaign is in planning and development mode this month in preparation for the next Congress. We will equip you to take action with your Members of Congress on COVID relief and the budget when those talks open up again.

As we prepare for next year, we are keeping an eye on the election results. It is an understatement to say that the results will drive much of what happens next in our country. Even though the Campaign’s issues and solutions have bi-partisan interest, it is a fact that the political landscape makes a difference in how to get the work done. The composition of Congress and the Executive Branch will impact our outreach and strategies going forward. 

The Campaign Core Team is working in the following areas as we build out the Campaign:

  • Developing an equity vision for the Campaign
  • Crafting a comprehensive national policy vision for a trauma-informed and resilient society
  • Recruiting Local Liaisons from every congressional district
  • Creating an on-boarding and orientation process for Local Liaisons, theCampaign network, and new members of the Campaign Core Team
  • Building the capacity of Local Liaisons and the broader Campaign network
  • Designing and recruiting for a network of Regional Campaign Coordinatorsto support the work of Local Liaisons
  • Preparing to activate the Campaign to reach newly-elected Members of Congress
  • Continuing to encourage congressional Representatives to join the House Trauma-Informed Care Caucus

We are very interested in your input on any or all of these areas! You are the heart of this Campaign. Our main purpose is to make it easy for you to influence federal-level decision-making. Please email or reply to this post below if you have ideas or thoughts about any of the focus areas listed above.

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