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Advocating for a trauma-informed nation has always been a passion of mine. As a young child my story began with so much trauma that many expected me to follow in the generational trauma I had endured. My father was a pedophile, while my mother, who was mentally unstable, was in many toxic relationships that led to a lot of psychological harm, physical abuse and neglect. Though I do not condone my mothers actions, being trauma informed has helped me to realize she was simply repeating a cycle she too had journeyed through as a child. Her father an alcoholic and her mother mentally- ill. I believe all people benefit from understanding what trauma looks like and how it effects themselves and others around them. Through my work as a Court Appointed Advocate, I see families daily who do not understand trauma nor do they know that it is occurring right under their roof. I believe if the knowledge I have gained has helped me to overcome scientific predictors for my life and future generations , this same knowledge can impact an entire nation to an entire world. Even if it’s one family at a time.

By Anonymous

Preparing for a Biden-Harris Administration

CTIPP developed a First 100 Days priorities document for the Biden-Harris Administration, which was signed by over 600 agencies, individuals, and organizations from around the United States urging the incoming Administration to consider its suggestions. All of the suggestions are potential executive actions that can be made, so that even if Congress is divided there can still be follow through on them. We are grateful for the supporters who signed on, those who helped us leverage connections to the Administration to get this in front of them, and those who worked on the document itself to make it a reality!